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Best Wireless Car Chargers 2019

C8 Mini infrared car charger is the latest Qi wireless charger. C8 Mini is superior to any gravity car charger, because of the fully automatic clamping. Only one hand is required, the clamps will automatically open when it detects your phone, and close when the phone is put on it.

The clamping force is so powerful that it is impossible for your phone to fall off. It is also easier to take off your phone, just a slight touch is needed. In addition to 360-degree rotation, we have also reserved space for the mobile phone without wireless charging function to plug in. Enjoy high stability and fast wireless charging for much safer driving!

What features does the C8 Wireless Car Charger come with?

C8 wireless Car Charger has come up with an advanced infrared sensor in this wireless car mount charger. This innovative technology makes your life easier as it opens the two clips automatically and grip your phone when you put your phone close to the holder.

Its 7.5W fast wireless car charger quickly charges your iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus iPhone Xs. You can install this mount on your car’s dashboard, windshield, and air vent.



Wireless car mount chargers protect your iPhones from falls or drops while you are driving on bumpy roads. The chargers serve multiple purposes of protection, wireless charging, and stability when you want to explore maps. Unarguably, wireless chargers are essential accessories for your iPhones.

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