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Camera Adapter Battery SONY DF-APW100MC


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SKU: 4894128082118 Category:
Fit Model:
1.Alpha DSLR SLT-A57 2.Alpha DSLR SLT-A57K 3.Alpha DSLR SLT-A57Y 4.Alpha DSLR SLT-A65 5.Alpha DSLR SLT-A65V 6.Alpha DSLR SLT-A65VY
7.Alpha DSLR SLT-A77 8.Alpha DSLR SLT-A77K 9.Alpha DSLR SLT-A77Q 10.Alpha DSLR SLT-A77V 11.Alpha DSLR SLT-A77VK 12.Alpha DSLR SLT-A77VQ
13.DSLR-A100 14.DSLR-A100/B 15.DSLR-A100H 16.DSLR-A100K 17.DSLR-A100K/B 18.DSLR-A100W 19.DSLR-A100W/B 20.DSLR-A200 21.DSLR-A200K
22.DSLR-A200W 23.DSLR-A230 24.DSLR-A230L 25.DSLR-A230Y 26.DSLR-A290 27.DSLR-A290L 28.DSLR-A290Y 29.DSLR-A300 30.DSLR-A300K
31.DSLR-A300K/N 32.DSLR-A300X 33.DSLR-A330 34.DSLR-A330L 35.DSLR-A330Y 36.DSLR-A350 37.DSLR-A350H 38.DSLR-A350K 39.DSLR-A350X
40.DSLR-A380 41.DSLR-A380L 42.DSLR-A380Y 43.DSLR-A390 44.DSLR-A390L 45.DSLR-A390Y 46.DSLR-A450 47.DSLR-A500 48.DSLR-A500L
49.DSLR-A500Y 50.DSLR-A550 51.DSLR-A550Y 52.DSLR-A560 53.DSLR-A560L 54.DSLR-A580 55.DSLR-A580L 56.DSLR-A580Y 57.DSLR-A700 58.DSLR-A700H
59.DSLR-A700K 60.DSLR-A700P 61.DSLR-A700Z 62.DSLR-A850 63.DSLR-A850Q 64.DSLR-A900 65.NEX-VG10 66.NEX-VG10E
Part Number:
Item No.: DF-APW100MC
Color: Black
Input: AC100-240V
Output: DC7.6V
EAN Code:4894128082118
Gross Weight: 180g / 6.35oz

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    Camera Adapter Battery SONY DF-APW100MC