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Compaq CS-NX4800HB Notebook, Laptop Battery 10.8 volt Li-ion 4400mAh


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The battery has high durability with extra power without memory effects over 1000 cycles. Built in rechargeable battery protection circuits, high safety.

Business Notebook NX4800, Business Notebook NX7100, Business Notebook NX7200, G3000, G3000EA, G3050EA, G3051EA, G5000, G5001TU, G5002EA, G5002TU, G5003EA, G5009EA, G5040EA, G5042EA, G5050EA, G5050EI, G5050EO, G5050ET, G5050EW, G5051EA, G5051TU, G5052EA, G5055EA, G5056EA, G5060EF, G5060EG, G5060EO, G5060EP, G5060ET, G5060EV, G5071TU, Pavilion DV1000, Pavilion DV1000-DZ677AV, Pavilion DV1000-DZ678AV, Pavilion DV1000-DZ731AV, Pavilion DV1000T, Pavilion DV1001AP-PK809AS, Pavilion DV1001xx-PK807AS, Pavilion DV1002AP-PF352PA, Pavilion DV1002xx-PK808AS, Pavilion DV1003AP-PF353PA, Pavilion DV1004AP-PF354PA, Pavilion DV1005AP-PF355PA, Pavilion DV1006AP-PF356PA, Pavilion DV1007AP, Pavilion DV1007AP-PF367PA, Pavilion DV1008AP, Pavilion DV1008AP-PF368PA, Pavilion DV1009AP-PH468PA, Pavilion DV1009xx-PR284AS, Pavilion DV1010AP-PH476PA, Pavilion DV1010CA, Pavilion DV1010CA-PM056UA, Pavilion DV1010CA-PM056UAR, Pavilion DV1010US-PM053UA, Pavilion DV1010US-PM053UAR, Pavilion DV1011AP, Pavilion DV1012AP-PD111PA, Pavilion DV1012LA-PQ641LA, Pavilion DV1013AP-PD110PA, Pavilion DV1013AP-PD112PA, Pavilion DV1014AP-PD113PA, Pavilion DV1014LA-PP888LA, Pavilion DV1015AP-PD114PA, Pavilion DV1015LA-PN713LA, Pavilion DV1016AP-PD117PA, Pavilion DV1017AP-PD118PA, Pavilion DV1018AP-PD119PA, Pavilion DV1019AP-PD120PA, Pavilion DV1020AP-PH482PA, Pavilion DV1021AP-PH483PA, Pavilion DV1022AP-PN562PA, Pavilion DV1023AP-PN563PA, Pavilion DV1024AP-PN575PA, Pavilion DV1024LA-PP889LA, Pavilion DV1025AP-PN576PA, Pavilion DV1025LA-PN712LA, Pavilion DV1026AP-PN907PA, Pavilion DV1027AP-PN578PA, Pavilion DV1029AP-PN888PA, Pavilion DV1029AP-PN908PA, Pavilion DV1030AP-PN910PA, Pavilion DV1031AP-PP963PA, Pavilion DV1032AP-PP971PA, Pavilion DV1033AP-PP981PA, Pavilion DV1034AP-PP982PA, Pavilion DV1035AP-PP989PA, Pavilion DV1036AP-PS939PA, Pavilion DV1037AP-PS940PA, Pavilion DV1040CA, Pavilion DV1040CA-PM057UA, Pavilion DV1040CA-PM057UAR, Pavilion DV1040US-PM054UA, Pavilion DV1040US-PM054UAR, Pavilion DV1042QV-PM055UA, Pavilion DV1044LA-PP890LA, Pavilion DV1049CL-PM058UA, Pavilion DV1049CL-PM058UAR, Pavilion dv105AP-PY907PA, Pavilion DV1060US-PM059UA, Pavilion DV1060US-PM059UAR, Pavilion DV1065US-PM061UA and Pavilion DV1065US-PM061UAR

Dimension:205.15 x 51.10 x 21.20mm
Gross Weight:450g / 15.87oz
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Compaq CS-NX4800HB Notebook, Laptop Battery 10.8 volt Li-ion 4400mAh