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Faith 2021 new printer A4 dtg direct to tshirt printer 4heads 4720/i3200 head


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DTF garment printer machine specializes in producing non-cutting heating transfer PET. This technology is suitable for printing on light and dark color cotton fabric, PU, leather and other materials. This technology is particularly advantageous for small

orders. Do sample fast and low cost. It is especially suitable for custom orders. Simple operation and small occupied space. It is a great advantage in printing technology.

1.This equipment is a new generation of digital revolution, pioneering a new digital heat transfer process.
2. It makes up for the shortcomings of the existing technology, only printing + pressing, two-step printing.
3. Brand-new thermal transfer material and unique printing effect, no need to cut waste, hollow and breathable, colorful.
4. Unlimited fabric material and color, good transfer effect, no fear of washing, fastness reaches 4.5 level.
5. The transfer temperature is 160 degrees-170 degrees, 10-15 seconds, cold tear, the actual temperature is adjusted according to
different fabrics.
6. No engraving, no emissions, CMKY+White printing, good manuscript, waterproof wash.


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2021 Hot Sale Double Heads Digital Roll DTF PET Film Heat Transfer Tshirt Printer Machine

Want one set of machines to print on different items such as garments of different materials, hoodies, shoes, bags, etc? Can check this DTF solution. Compared with the DTG direct to garment printer, this DTF solution is flexible in positioning, and avoid the waste of t-shirt due to any unexpected fault, no need for pre-treating, and good for mass production. Can check our video to know more about it.

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Digital dtf white ink offset heat transfer printer
machine type
FSP003High-speed digital flat printing machine
Nozzle model
EPSON motherboard 5th generation 6-color print head
Print size
A3+ or coil
Machine speed
Adjustable multi-speed gears
Printing accuracy
Ink channel
CMYK+WW(6 colors)
physical dimension
Application scenario
Clothing, various fabrics, leather, canvas, cotton, polyester
Output software
Professional imported color control output software
operating system
Windows XP 7 VISTA 10
Print interface
High-speed usb2.0 transmission interface
operating hours
Can work 24 hours without slowing down
Nozzle maintenance
Manual cleaning/automatic cleaning
Power specifications
AC220/110v,50HZ~60HZ,50 watts of huge power saving
After-sales commitment
Free training, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance
Brand new upgrade, ink saving, power saving, stable, no plugging

From shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and pullovers to an extensive array of other garments such as canvas and denim, DTF is indeed a sure win!

1. T-shirts & Bags
As one of the most common items, T-shirts and bags occupy a large market share in the apparel industry. Customized T-shirts are an important channel for young people to show their individuality. With the development of customized T-shirts, the DTFprinting technology of T-shirts is also constantly developing, which satisfies people’s individual needs well, and the market scale of the customized T-shirt printing industry also grows bigger.

2. Fashion Apparel
Nowadays, DTF printing is widely used and integrated into the design field. Many designers are attracted by the unique charm of DTF printing. The design of printed patterns has become the focus of attention of designers. DTF printing patterns can express the designer’s mood; the application position of transfer film printing patterns in clothing can express the designer’s unique insights into the structure of clothing; the specific effects of DTF printing on clothing can reflect the design.

3. Home Decoration
The demand for DTF printed home and household textiles increases. DTF printing and home furnishing is a golden combination. The design of fabric no longer needs to be generic and suitable for mass production. In particular, draperies and curtains as well as bed and table linens are the focus of DTF printers. Various types of fabrics can be printed with any possible design and in any required quantity.

4. Hard Substrates
With the rapid development of the market economy, our life is undergoing changes, advocating individuality, culture, and customs.
There are wonderful shots such as the birth of a baby, a wedding, a graduation commemorative that happens every day, which are worthy of being collected forever.

Additional information

Gross Power

Power charger 100-240V AC input 12V 3A DC output

Model Number

AKD200-W, ink

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    Faith 2021 new printer A4 dtg direct to tshirt printer 4heads 4720/i3200 head


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