Laptop-battery ASUS CS-AUK52NB


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Long enough battery life is essential to optimizing your productivity while in meetings or travelling. The brand new replacement laptop batteries are especially designed to the original specifications.
Compatible with: ASUS
52JC, A40J, A40JA, A40JE, A40JP, A42, A42D, A42DE, A42DQ, A42E, A42F, A42J, A42JA, A42JC, A42JE, A42JK, A42JR, A42JV, A42QR, A52, A52F, A52J, A52JB, A52JK, A52JR, A52JR-X1, A62, A62-9426, A62-9485, A62-9625, A62-Q037H, B53, B53F, B53J, B53JC, D716, F85, F86, K42, k42D, K42DE, K42DQ, K42DR, K42F, K42F-A1, K42F-A2B, K42F-B1, K42F-VX230V, K42J, K42JA, K42JB, K42JC, K42jc-a1, K42JC-B1, k42JC-C1, K42JC-VX152X, K42JE, K42JK, K42JR, K42JR-A1, K42JR-VX047X, K42JV, K42JVK52, K42JV-VX054V, K42JV-X1, K42jv-xn1, k42K, K42N, K52, K52D, K52DE, K52DE-EX064V, K52DR, K52DR-A1, K52DR-X1, K52EQ K52JT, K52f, K52f-a1, K52F-A2B, K52F-B1, K52F-BBR5, K52F-BBR9, K52f-c1, K52F-C2B, K52f-sx051v, K52F-SX060D, K52F-SX062V, K52F-SX065V, K52f-sx065x, K52f-sx074v, K52F-SX206V, K52F-SX416V, K52J, K52JB, K52JC, K52JC-B1, K52JC-EX, K52JC-EX073V, K52JC-EX089V, K52JC-EX144V, K52JC-EX145V, K52JC-EX352V, K52JC-EX356V, K52JC-X2, K52JC-XN1, K52JE, K52JE-EX065V, K52JE-XN1, K52JK, K52JK-A1, K52jr, K52jr-a1, K52JR-SX059V, K52jr-x2, K52jr-x4, K52jr-x5, K52JU, K52N, K52N-EX026, K52N-EX026V, K52N-EX035V, K52Xi, K62, K62F, K62J, K62JR, P42, P42F, P42J, P42JC, P52, P52F, P52F-SO006X, P52F-SO017X, P52F-SO033X, P52F-SO034X, P52J, P52JC, P52JC-SO009X, P52JC-SO012X, P52JC-SO017X, P52JC-SO018X, P52JC-SO028X, P82, Pro 50vl, Pro 51, Pro 51B, Pro 51K, Pro 51S, Pro 51sa, Pro 5I, Pro 5ij, Pro 5IJC, Pro 5IJK, Pro 67, Pro 8C, X42, X42D, X42DE, X42E, X42F, X42J, X42JB, X42JE, X42JK, X42JR, X42JV, X52, X52D, X52DE, X52DR, X52F, X52J, X52JB, X52JC, X52JE, X52JG, X52JK, X52JR, X52N, X5I, X67 and X8C
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 11.1V
Rate: 48.84Wh
Color: Black
Dimension: 271.00 x 50.60 x 21.90mm
EAN Code: 4894128044673
Gross Weight: 400g/14.11oz
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