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Laptop Battery SAMSUNG CS-SSX60NB


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Fit Model:
•M60 Aura T5450 Chartiz •M60 Aura T7500 Calipa •M60 Aura T7500 Cruza •M60-Aura T5450 Chartiz •M60-Aura T7500 Calipa •M60-Aura T7500 Caralee
•M60-Aura T7500 Cruza •NP-P50 •NP-P60 •NP-R40 •NP-R40 Plus •NP-R45 •NP-R65 •NP-R70 •NP-X60 •P210 •P210-BA01 •P210-BA02 •P210-BS01 •P210-BS02
•P210-BS04 •P210-BS05 •P210-Pro P8400 Padou •P210-XA01 •P460 •P460-44G •P460-44P •P460-AA01 •P50-C003 •P50-C004 •P50-CV03 •P50-CV04 •P60
•P60 Pro •P60 Pro T2600 Taspra •P60 T2600 Taspra •P60-01 •P60-C003 •P60-CV01 •P60-CV03 •Q320 •Q320-32P •Q320-Aura P7450 Benks •Q320-Aura P7450 Darjo
•Q320-Aura P8700 Balin •R39-DY04 •R39-DY06 •R40 •R40 XIC 2050 •R40 XIP 2050 •R40 XIP 2055 •R40 XIP 2250 •R40 XIP 2255 •R40 XIP 5500 •R40 XIP 5510
•R40-Aura C430 Corin •R40-Aura C440 Chrizz •R40-Aura T2080 Deron •R40-Aura T2250 Dooly •R40-Aura T5500 Dilana •R40-EL1 •R40-K003 •R40-K005 •R40-K006
•R40-K007 •R40-K008 •R40-K009 •R40-K00A •R40-K00D •R40-K00E •R40-K00F •R40-T2300 •R40-T2300 Caosee •R410-XA01 •R410-XA02 •R41-T2050 Malaido
•R41-T2060 Collin •R41-T2250 Madea •R45 •R45 Pro •R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay •R45 Pro C1600 Buliena •R45 Pro T5500 Bernie •R45-1730 Cutama
•R45-C1500 Cerona •R45-K004 •R45-K005 •R45-K006 •R45-K007 •R45-K00D •R45-K02 •R45-K03 •R460 •R460-AS06 •R460-AS09 •R460-BS04 •R460-XS0
•R60 Aura T2130 Daliwa •R60 Aura T2330 Deesan •R60 Aura T2330 Diazz •R60 Aura T5250 Danica •R60 Aura T5250 Deeloy •R60 Aura T5250 Deven
•R60 Aura T5250 Donna •R60 Aura T5450 Darlis •R60 Aura T5450 Davu •R60 Aura T7250 Divial •R60-Aura T2130 Daliwa •R60-Aura T2330 Deesan
•R60-Aura T2330 Diazz •R60-Aura T5250 Danica •R60-Aura T5250 Deeloy •R60-Aura T5250 Dever •R60-Aura T5250 Donna •R60-Aura T5450 Darlis
•R60-Aura T5450 Davu •R60-Aura T7250 Divial •R60-FY01 •R60plus •R610 AS06 •R610 AS07 •R610 AS08 •R610 FS02 •R610-Aura P8400 Deon
•R610-Aura P8400 Dori •R610-Aura P8700 Eclipse •R610-Aura P9500 Delu •R610-Aura T3400 Dienh •R610-Aura T5900 Deliz •R65 •R65 Pro
•R65 Pro T5500 Baonee •R65 Pro T5500 Boteez •R65 WEP 2300 •R65 WEP 5500 •R65 WIP 2300 •R65 WIP 5500 •R65-CV01 •R65-CV03 •R65-CV04 •R65-CV05
•R65-T2300 Biton •R65-T2300 Calix •R65-T2300 Carrew •R65-T2300 Charis •R65-T5500 Canspiro •R65-TV01 •R65-TV02 •R70 •R70 Aura T5250 Daryus
•R70 Aura T5250 Doroso •R70 Aura T5250 Dosan •R70 Aura T5550 Diliaz •R70 Aura T7100 Devin •R70 Aura T7250 Diness •R70 Aura T7300 Despina
•R70 Aura T7500 Damaya •R70 Aura T7500 Denet •R70 XEV 7100 •R700 Aura T8100 Deager •R700 Aura T9300 Dillen •R700-Aura T8100 Deager
•R700-Aura T9300 Dillen •R70-Aura T5250 Daryus •R70-Aura T5250 Doroso •R70-Aura T5250 Dosan •R70-Aura T7250 Diness •R70-Aura T7300 Despina
•R70-Aura T7500 Damaya •R70-Aura T7500 Denet •X360-34G •X360-34P •X360-AA02 •X360-AA03 •X360-AA04 •X460-44G •X460-44P •X460-AS03 •X460-AS04
•X460-AS05 •X60 •X60 Plus •X60 Plus TZ01 •X60 Plus TZ03 •X60 Pro •X60 Pro T2600 Becudo •X60 Pro T7200 Benito •X60 Pro T7400 Boxxer •X60 T2600 Becudo
•X60 XEP 2310 •X60 XEP 2400 •X60 XIH 2300 •X60-CV01 •X60-CV03 •X60-CV06 •X60-CV08 •X60-T2300 Chane •X60-TV01 •X60-TV02 •X65 •X65 Pro
•X65 Pro T7500 Begum •X65 XEV 7300 •X65-A003
Part Number:
Item No.:CS-SSX60NB
Dimension:204.00 x 48.20 x 20.00mm
EAN Code:4894128018148
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:385g / 13.58oz
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Laptop Battery SAMSUNG CS-SSX60NB