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Ultraviolet sterilization lamp with ozone UV disinfection

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a 38W UV sterilizing lamp effectively covers an area of 430 square feet and is suitable for any area requiring disinfection.According to the sterilization area, the sterilization time can be set: 20 meters for 15 minutes, 40 meters for 30 minutes, and 60 meters for 60 minutes.Very flexible and practical.
[Remote control timing function] — There are three time options on our UV sterilizer — 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes, which can be selected according to different areas (the larger room, the longer time).After starting the machine, press the start button, the remote control will start after a delay of 15 seconds, and select the 15/30/60 minutes disinfection time.
[High efficiency ULTRAVIOLET sterilizer] — the ultraviolet sterilizer is designed to work synchronously with ozone. After
laboratory testing, the ultraviolet sterilizer can remove most bacteria in 430 cubic feet of space and clean it thoroughly at 360 degrees.
[Applicable occasions] — widely applicable to living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, school, hospital, hotel and other places.

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Ultraviolet sterilization lamp with ozone UV disinfection

R999R1,299 (-31%)

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