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Z1 Wireless HDMI Adapter


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Wireless HDMI transmission through WiFi, the distance can be up to 30m, the middle does not need cable connection.Solve the wiring trouble of the traditional HDMI cable connection, the influence of beautiful, short transmission distance.
The transmitter is small in size, connected to the computer, and can move with the computer.
Plug and play immediately after power on, no need to download any APP, no need for any other operations, reduce product after-sales and return because of the operation.
The resolution can be up to 4K, the picture is delicate, more perfect restore the computer screen all kinds of details.
Low delay, 0.1s delay does not affect the normal use of conference, office, home video and video, games, etc.
New independently developed chip, breaking monopoly, 4K 30Hz definition, plug and play, use distance of 30m, the unit price is less than half the price of existing products with the same configuration on the market.
Our transmitter supports HDMI power supply. If the customer’s laptop HDMI power supply is supported, then the transmitter does not need external power supply.
Receiver HDMI+VGA double transmission mode, compatible with existing new and old display equipment.
Aluminum alloy frame, glass cover, light efficiency design.Fashionable appearance has the texture, the lighting effect has the science and technology sense.

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